What is Python

Python is a programming language that combines the features of C Language and Java Programming Language. it offers elegant style of developing programs like c. When the programmers want to go for object orientation. python offers classes and objects like Java. In Python, the program to add two numbers will numbers will be as follows:

#python program to add two numbers


print(“sum= “,(a+b)) //Total of a+b

the preceding code is easy to understand and develop. Hence, Python is gaining popularity among the programming folks. of course. there are several other features of python which we will discuss in future which make it the preferred choice of most programmers.

coming to a bit of history, python was developed by Guido van Rossum in the Year 1991 at the center for mathematics and computer science managed by the dutch government. Van Rossum was working on a project to develop system utilities in C where he had to interact with Bourne shell available in UniX.

Van Rossum picked the name Python for the new language from the TV Show, monty Python’ Flying Circus.

Python is open source software which means anybody can freely download it from www.python.org and use it to develop programs. its source code can be accessed and modified as required in the projects.

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