Your furry friends winter pet care guide

Keep them dry

After bathing your pet in the winter, it's crucial to thoroughly dry them off. A chilly, wet layer of fur can cause skin diseases and make an animal terribly ill.

Know your breed​

While many short-haired animals benefit significantly from jackets or warm clothes, there are several species who do not.

More food and exercise​

The amount of exercise should also increase in response to this rise in appetite. Animal obesity must be avoided since it can result in numerous problems like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and bladder stones.

Keep them clad

Pets that are raised in homes, sometimes without exposure to the outdoors, do not acquire a tolerance for those conditions like stray and wild animals do. Make sure your pet is wearing something warm, especially if it has a thin coat. If you're dressing a dog or other animal in a sweater or muffler, keep an eye on it.

Protect the paws​

In the winter, be aware of your pet's paws. Paws are more likely to break in cold weather due to dryness, and in very severe cases, they may even bleed.

Avoid drinking or eating anything cold

This is a crucial rule to follow. Give your pets only warm food and water that is at room temperature.