How to spot early symptoms of ADHD in children?

ADHD  is mostly diagnosed in children, but the symptoms can differ from adults.It can cause major challenges in daily life.Here's how you can  spot  the early symtoms of ADHD in children.


If you child his facing trouble while focusing even on simple things like playing with a ball or looking at a book, it is advised to see your doctor for diagonis.


Children with ADHD are inattentive in every daily activity. The attention span is extremely low while studying and playing.

Excess Talking

Talking too much and interrupting other people while speaking is also another common sign of ADHD. If this symptom presists for sometime ,you should see a specialist.


Hyperactmty  maas not being able to sit or stand still, Constantly moving,running or trying to climb even  when indoors can also be a symptom of ADHD in children.

Difficulty Following Direction

Your child might not be able to follow any directions if he /she had ADHD they have a problem with executive function and medications may help in managing this symptom.


Impulsiveness is any task for simply waiting in a line is another sign of ADHD. You may see your child is finding it tough to wait for his / her turn.


As children with ADHD age,the symptoms can change significantly. As a parent,if you observe any such signs in your child, It is suggested to visit the doctor.