Health Benefits On Body

Healthy Digestion

Vajrasna improve digestion by enhancing blood circulation in the lower abdomen and curing digestive acidity.

Strengthens Nerves

Vajrasna increases the flexibility of the lower body along with strengthening the nerves of the legs and thigh, improving body's balance.

Strengthens Knee Muscles

Vajrasna can help keep the knee functions even in old age. It keeps the knees and ankle joints flexible, thereby preventing rheumatic disease.

Strengthens Back Muscles

The Vajrasna pose can help in keeping our back muscles strong as it is essential for performing basic moments and standing up right.


Vajrasna is Shown to be effective in curbing period cramps by relaxing the waste and hip region.

Prevent Uninary Issues

TVajrasna helps in treating urinary diseases and keeping the urinary system fit and healthy.


When vajrasna is practiced along with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, it can help you manage weight and eventually reduce obesity.


Vajransa is easy easy to perform and one can include this pose into the daily routine to reap all the benefits from it and achieve the weight loss goal.