AL Bayt Stadium

On November 20,Qatar and Ecuador will play in the tournament's first game in this venue, which is designed to resemble the bayt al sha'ar tents that Bedounts typically use around the Gult.

Al janoub Stadium which will host the FIFA World Cup Qator 2022 was created by the alte zoha Hadid and is arguably the most recoginisable of all the venues. 

Lusail Stadium 

The final of the Qator 2022 tournament will be held at Lusal Stadium on December 18, and it well be broadcast to billions of viewers. It will host ten games throughout the competition.


Stadium 974 is the first ever fully demountable  competition venue in World Cup history. It is made entrirely of shipping containrs 974 of them in total (the number 974 is a tribuate to Qator's international calling code.