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Çilbir: Turkish poached eggs To Add The Spice To Your Morning

Çilbir is a Turkish poached egg dish that uses a generous amount of garlicky Greek yogurt, which gives the dish more depth than a neutral dairy product like cream. This dish does little to mask the yogurt's natural tang, and instead accentuates its tartness with extra spices, putting it into its rightful place as a savory condiment.

Çilbir’s main draw is the poached egg and the runny yolk that oozes onto the garlic yogurt, where the fats of the yolk and the fats of yogurt come together to create a harmonious creamy sauce. The yogurt is left out so that it reaches room temperature, then minced garlic or garlic powder, paprika, and chopped dill are added.

Another important part of this dish is chili butter, usually made with butter plus Aleppo pepper, which creates a condiment akin to a richer version of chili oil. To plate cilbir, spread the garlic yogurt onto a plate, lay the egg in the center, and drizzle the Aleppo butter on top for a savory yogurt dish that might be better than the sweet stuff.

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