Best ways to welcome New Year 2023

Reach out to wish Rather than texting someone, reach out to your close ones on a call to wish them Happy New Year.

Learn something new It does not have to be rocket science, and can be as simple as learning a new song or pottery.

Organise your kitchen Nothing feels better if your kitchen, one of the most important parts of your home, is organised in the beginning of the year.

Take a road trip Whether solo, with family, friends or your partner, taking a road trip can be quite liberating and be a perfect start to 2023.

Movie marathon Or you can just stay in, create a watchlist and turn on your TV or laptop to make this New Year a movie marathon.

Clean your wardrobe Get a fresh and tidy start to the New Year by orgnising your wardrobe. Donate the excess clothes to those in need.

Start a new book If your daily screen time bothers you or your eyes, this is a great opportunity to cut it short by starting a new book.