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How to Advertise in Google Ads

How to Advertise in Google Ads When Google AdWords was launched in 2000, it was performing over 20 million searches per day. Today, the platform goes by the name Google Ads, handles billions of searches per day and is used by all advertisers.

How to Advertise in Google Ads

According to a Wall Street Journal study, Google accounted for about 40% of his total digital ad spend in 2017 alone.

What is Google Ads?

Companies may use Google Ads, an advertising network maintained by Google, to display clickable advertisements in Google search results. Businesses pay Google based on the number of searches in which their ads are clicked. Advertisers want to increase conversions, such as purchases and website visits, by increasing user visibility.

What is Google Ads

Google Ads Types of Ads

Google Ads now offers a variety of advertising options that make it easy for your business to appear in search, video, display and even app-based advertising. Masu. The most commonly used is the search network.

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Search Network

Search Network ads are displayed as text ads for each Google search. Focus on the key phrases you want people to recognize your brand. To improve your ad ranking, optimize your ad and bid on specific keywords. This allows you to attract visitors and convert purchased traffic into customers.

Display Network

Display ads that are known to appear on Gmail and on websites currently part of the Display Network are either banner ads or text ads.


Display ads are often used by businesses in remarketing campaigns to retarget customers who were previously engaged but did not convert.

Video-Based Ads

Next up are video-based ads. These ads make it easy to create video ads that appear on YouTube videos.

App Ads

The final ad is the app ad that allows you to be featured in popular Google-based apps.

How are your ads ranked?

The basis of Google Ads is the bidding system. Quality Score and CPC (cost per click) affect the position of your ad in search results. Cost-per-click (CPC) is the price you pay for each click on your ad. However, Quality Score measures how well your ads are optimized and whether they are relevant to your searches. Landing pages, ad relevance, previous account effectiveness, and most importantly CTR (click-through rate) all affect your Quality Score. As your Quality Score increases, so does your Ad Rank.

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