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best Ways to Run Effective LinkedIn Ads

best Ways to Run Effective LinkedIn Ads Business relationships have been strengthened and established through LinkedIn. With over 575 million professionals, the site offers opportunities to grow your business. LinkedIn is the ideal medium for B2B companies looking to increase brand awareness. Here are nine tips for successful advertising in corporate networks.

best Ways to Run Effective LinkedIn Ads

Choosing the Right Ad Format

Experimenting with different ad formats will help you identify the type of promotional material that resonates most with your audience. There are three different categories of ads on LinkedIn.

Sponsored content blends into the user’s feed and appears like native posts. The advantage of using sponsored content is that it integrates seamlessly with other content users watch and enjoy, avoiding interruptions to their experience. These ads appear in user-controlled news feeds, making them ideal for increased engagement.

best Ways to Run Effective LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored InMail engages directly with users by sending personalized messages straight to their inboxes. The best time to use these ads is when you are promoting a call to action or when you want to increase your website traffic. This can be accomplished by including a CTA button or a link to her website in your InMail message.

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking shows if your LinkedIn ads are generating leads for your business. This feature shows click-through conversions from LinkedIn to your website.

The Conversion Tracking feature allows you to track a variety of LinkedIn conversions, including leads, purchases, cart additions, app installs, and more.

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Use advanced targeting options

LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences tool focuses on people you already know. The Matched Audiences feature uses the data you currently have to target your audience by targeting accounts, contacts, and websites.

Let’s take a closer look at the three targeting skills:

Website retargeting: LinkedIn’s Insights tag feature tracks visitors to your website and identifies them by job title, company size, company Analyze demographic information such as
Email list contacts target includes LinkedIn users. Depending on where each customer is on the sales funnel, you can adjust your ads accordingly. This feature helps you reach out to lost users who have also experienced abandonment.

best Ways to Run Effective LinkedIn Ads

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn Ads can increase your sales by connecting you with influential people in important industries. DNA uses AI to help you quickly reach the right audience and continuously monitor your campaigns. For more information, please join the meetup.

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