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123rf is launching a new royalty free service

123rf has been offering designers, graphic artists and bloggers royalty free vectors and stock photos through their large collection of stock photos and stock vectors that can be purchased through credits and subscriptions. In a recent announcement, 123rf will be adding royalty free video clips and motion graphics to its library due to the demand of these items for online media.

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Video and motion graphics can soon be purchased at 123rf

123rf is currently putting together a large library of video and motion graphics that will be sold through their credit and subscription services, the same model that is used for stock photos and stock vectors. This opens up buying opportunities for app builders, social media users, and bloggers who do not have a lot of options to buy stock video and stock motion graphics for these platforms. Few stock photography agencies offer stock photography and fewer offer motion graphics.

Online uses for video and motion graphics

With the popular use of social networks, blogs, websites and other online platforms, designers can now consider adding three dimensional and moving graphics that build responses from online readers. Previously, online media duplicated paper mediums, with stock photo use becoming a popular option for businesses and individuals. With online platforms becoming more sophisticated and the end user wanting to see more than static images, designers of online advertising, reading materials and social media campaigns are creating the need for stock motion graphics and stock video.

123rf is ahead of the curve and providing products that their customers want

123rf has rapidly grown their business since they started their stock photography agency in 2005. Their presence and business has made it into the top 10 list of stock photography agencies and the addition of stock motion graphics and videos could end up putting them in a higher position in the competitive stock photo agency business.

Since 2005, has increased their stock photo library to over 11.3 million stock photos, with 20,000 stock photos added to the library daily. They offer a variety of inexpensive,impressive and practical high quality stock photos, catering to clients who have a constant need for fresh images.

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